Michael M.
Took her time and really listened to me.

Trey H.
Highly professional and fully utilizes every second during an appointment. I fully recommend Lori Jenkins!

Matthew W.
When you are mentally ill, it is next to impossible to use only your brain to fight against your brain. Lori is so thorough and matter of fact that she made me feel confident I now have the help of someone who will help my brain help itself.

Alexandra M.
My first appointment with Lori was excellent. It’s obvious from the start she genuinely cares for her patients. She takes the time to thoroughly discuss treatment options and has a way of putting her clients at ease. I’d recommend her to anyone looking for a psychiatrist in TN!

Tanner H.
Lori is genuine and very knowledgeable. She is easy to access when needed and always available to her patients in a timely manner.

Lauren P.
She was very thorough and took the time to really assess what was going on

Christopher R.
Very communitive Easy to talk to. Helpful.

Maryclaire H.
Lori is professional, compassionate, & caring. I highly recommend her!

Chelsea A.
Knowledgeable, honest and caring!!!

Lauren S.
I had my first meeting today. Honestly, I was worried about not being taken seriously, but I felt heard today. Such a sweet lady, and I look forward to working with Lori more.

Kindra W.
I have had my share of other mental health care providers in the past and due to their lack of interest in even listening to my problems, I initially had low expectations that this time would be any different, but I’m happy to say that I was wrong. Lori was amazing, she spent 10x’s more time than any provider ever has asking me about my issues and although I was anxious at first, she quickly made me feel as if she was truly invested in helping me. I would recommend Lori to anyone, but especially those who feel like there’s no good providers out there or those who have been let down in the past, by providers who seemed to lack any empathy or seemed uninterested in their patients issues and treatment! And although I just started my treatment, I can already feel the positive impact and difference she’s making in my life!

Dana M.
Lori was very knowledgeable and I look forward to working with her.

Marissa M.

Anne M.
I am so happy with my sessions and my progress personally. I was unsure about virtual sessions, but I highly enjoy them today! I trust Lori Jenkins and that may made a world of difference in my progress. I highly recommend… 5 stars.

Chris T.
Very professional experience.

Mica H.
Absolutely wonderful and felt heard for once!! I would definitely recommend her and this practice to my own loved ones!! Thank you so much!!

Rhonda D.
Caring and considerate

Christopher R.
Always pleasant and productive

Maryclaire H.
My first experience with Dr. Lori made me feel so comfortable and at ease with the process.

Patrick G.
Asked questions in a very specific manner which made it easier for me to process and answer, really great experience.

Benjamin S.
I have been with Lori for over 2 years now. I have recommended her to other before and they were happy as can be with her work.

Bailee J.
It was nice that somebody actually listened to what I needed.

Kevin C.
Very attentive to my needs & made me feel that I’m not alone!

Amy S.
Lori Jenkins at Mind and Body Healthcare in Jackson has been such a blessing to me. She is a Mental Health Nurse Practitioner who serves her patients via Zoom in a telehealth model. I have met with her several times over the past four months. I am feeling much better, and I have reduced and streamlined my medications significantly. The shortest appointment I have had has been thirty minutes. My intake appointment was at least an hour. She is extremely thorough and compassionate. Highly recommend!

Stephanie P.
Lori is wonderful! I’m so thankful for her services and the help she has provided me

Cade N.
Kind, warm and attentive.

Wanda S.
Lori is very thorough, knowledgeable & addresses all issues.

Stephanie P.
Lori made me feel so comfortable and she truly listened to everything I had to say! I’m looking forward to my next appointment

Anne S.
Lori is a great listener and knows her stuff. I’d worked with my pervious provider for 20+ years so it was a big change. Lori has made it much easier than I imagined. I highly recommend her.

Melissa E.
Very attentive. She really listened and gave excellent feedback! She definitely answered all of my questions while making me fee important!

Jenna F.
I felt like Lori really listened to me and was finally understood my struggles after years of being given the same diagnosis.

Amy C.
Lori is very thorough and supportive. She is concerned about making sure my medications are working as effectively as possible. The times they haven’t been, she has been responsive. I can tell she truly cares about my needs.

Jocelyn E.
Lori was friendly and easy to talk to! I felt like she listened and understood what I was saying and we worked together to find the best solution that was comfortable for me.

Camryn C.
She was amazing and so helpful in helping me with my concerns and medications.

Lauren M.
Lori was very helpful and attentive. She was interested in providing me with a proper diagnosis for my medication and pointed out some great tools to help with my Bipolar Disorder. Looking forward to continuing to work with her on my mental health.

Brooke W.
So helpful very nice and listens to all your problems!! I loved her!!

Lowell T.
She is real pretty. I thoroughly enjoy my appointments. It was easy to talk to her and I feel much better.

Michael J.
I saw Ms. Jenkins for anxiety. On my first visit she gave me good tools that have helped my anxiety.

Joann S.
She was easy to talk to and was patient. She took her time. She is a great nurse practitioner

Diane M.
Lori took her time with me. She is a good listener. I feel better. I am glad I found her