1. Your appointment is secured when you make a request. You will receive an email or text with a link for completion of the registration.
  2. The registration may be completed on a desktop or handheld device. APPOINTMENTS ARE CENTRAL TIME ZONE.
  3. Have your insurance card and driver’s license or state ID available to be uploaded when completing the registration.
  4. Set aside about 20 min to complete all the information. If you must step away your information is automatically saved and you can pick back up at a later time.
  5. Finalize the registration as soon as possible. Your appointment MAY BE CANCELED if not completed within 72hrs.
  6. If you have any questions while completing the registration please text 731-435-3060.
  7. A credit card must be placed on file. There is a $75 registration fee that will be processed when the registration is completed. This fee is nonrefundable but it will be applied to clinic charges. This will be applied to the A NO SHOW fee if the appointment is not kept or canceled at less than 48 hours prior to the appointment time. Consideration is given for emergent situations.
  8. Lori looks forward to meeting with you. The first visit will be 60-70 minutes in duration so there is adequate time for a full evaluation.
  9. Use the Join Your Session button at the time of your appointment.